Dermapen microneedling treatment aims to tighten, lift and rejuvenate your skin.

It is a unique beauty treatment that stimulates the body’s natural healing processes.

Stimulating the skin in this way also produces some of the components we lose through ageing, such as collagen, elastin and fibroblasts.

The treatment promotes scar-free healing and the natural reproduction of collagen.

How it works

The DermaPen is a specially-designed handpiece that contains thin needles. These gently penetrate the skin, rejuvenating the complexion and effectively treating hard-to-reach places (such as around the eyes, nose and lips).

Unlike other beauty procedures, the DermaPen is specially designed to minimise epidermal damage, meaning it is not associated with long recovery times.

For a dramatic reduction to ageing, and for bright, new and scar-free skin, we recommend a  course of between 4 and 6 treatments.

The results are incredible!



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