Dermapen™ Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy Electric Dermapen is a breakthrough in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine developed for treatment of various skin conditions.


The Dermapen™ uses micro-needling technology and has a phenomenal effect on collagen and elastin rejuvenation.

Active ingredients from the mesotherapy products used are delivered to the deeper layers of the skin via the micro-channels.

The small footprint of the device makes it ideal for treating hard to reach areas such as around the eyes, nose and mouth.

The Dermapen™ is especially effective in the reduction of the appearance of scarring as well as the reduction of the appearance of pigmentation.

How it works

Dermapen stimulates natural regeneration processes, releasing natural growth factors to stimulate reformation and deposition of fresh restructuring collagen.

Combining with mesotherapy, the results are similar to having injection fillers after just a few days.

This is partly due to the use of hyaluronic acid with mesotherapy that is actually the main ingredient to fillers.

In addition, other mesotherapy ingredients are infused to intensively treat other concerns you may have.

Truly flawless results.

Mesotherapy is a treatment that will provide you with a visible difference immediately after the treatment, and you will continue to see further phenomenal results weeks after the facial.

We recommend a course of 4 to 6 treatments, at approximately 4-week intervals.


An ideal treatment for:

  • skin rejuvenation
  • collagen induction therapy
  • sun damage and pigmentation
  • rosacea
  • problematic enlarged pores
  • scarring
  • brightening
  • dehydration
  • fine lines and wrinkles

Dermapen and Mesotherapy treatment before and after images

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