Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion uses ultra-fine, diamond-hard aluminium oxide crystals to buff and polish the skin, gently removing dead skin cells layer by layer.


Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion works on:

  • removing fine lines and wrinkles
  • clearing blocked pores
  • acne scarring
  • refining sun-damaged and ageing skin
  • dull, tired-looking complexions, as a beauty flash-treatment.

How it works

After buffing and polishing the skin, the aluminium oxide crystals are vacuumed back up, along with the exfoliated layers of skin.

This encourages the re-growth of collagen, boosting circulation and improving lymphatic drainage along the way.

The gentle vacuum action also achieves an immediate lifting effect on tired muscles, so that your skin looks instantly rejuvenated.


With none of the downside of more invasive treatments, Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion instantly improves the texture of your skin.

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